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Okay, bought myself a fancy pair of arch-supporty PF-friendly fuzzy house slippers ( so I can quit walking in bare feet or only-okay crocs around the house.

... and got them in leopard print, goshdarnit.

RAWR I'm a leopard!  RAWR I'm a leopard... with less-hurty paws?
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Really depressed at the thought of no long walks for months and months.  Especially thinking about the fall, and my dreams of going camping again and going hiking, and how lovely a time I had this Sunday walking around the neighborhood with B, and how much I'd been wanting to get back to my fitness games on the xbox.  Walking always cheers me up.  And... it's the only exercise I get.  Plus, mobility is a kind of triggery issue for me, on account of my mom.

(sigh)  This is double-plus ungood.
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(sigh) So I saw the podiatrist today.  He agrees I have plantar fasciitis, and says I have a bad-ish case, on account of I wince when he pokes the area in front of my heel.

So the first steps (hee) are:

"Walk ridiculously slowly" and minimize walking
Constantly stretching calves
Night splint
Foot massage (golfball provided, and frozen can of juice also suggested)
Arch exercises
Advil and ice if I feel like it, and
Arch supports on top of my SuperFeet to make the arches higher up.

And then if it's not markedly better in two weeks, he wants to do cortisone shots (yeeeeeeek!!)

I am beyond unhappy about "minimize walking" though can't say I didn't expect it.  Glad to have a plan, though, and hope it works....


Jul. 8th, 2012 03:50 pm
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So we got back from Firefly late last night and this afternoon, B found a tick on me (despite having showered in the interim, which we both find confusing). 

Gross tick info )

So... should I be doing something else?  Should I be trying to get preventative antibiotics or anything?
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In other vegetable news, I am coming to really really appreciate what I like to call in my head the "sauteed salad." This is a typical onion + garlic + greens, sauteed with a splash of some sort of vinegar at the end (thanks, dbfclark!!).  I've been using pine nuts with it for a little texture and nuttiness, but will probably shortly be expanding my repetoire to nuts, fruits, and/or legumes with it.  It turns out to be a really pleasantly filling dish for part of my lunch!  And man oh man, I can just never believe how much it reduces the size of the greens.  HUGE bunch --> one little tupperware. 

Not sure what my mental block has been, but I've never managed to really get behind greens qua greens before.  Greens in a frittata? Yes!  Greens in dumplings? Yes!  Greens swimming around in penne pasta? Sure!  But bowl o' sauteed greens?  Not so much.  Liking that definitely helps out majorly with farmshare management a lot, especially given how much I get in Kale/chard/collard combined with the edible greens on root veg (beet, turnip, kohlrabi, etc.).

I'm interested in trying sauteed salad out with a variety of flavor profiles, like miso-mirin-soy, or lemon-feta-mint, or tomato-basil, etc. etc. 

Anyone have any favorites in their repetoire?
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Anyone have a history of and/or advice re plantar fascitis?  I'm starting to strongly believe I've got it, just based on what I've been seeing on the internet re symptoms.
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I have to say, having an outside garden really does make rainstorms satisfying.  I like to think about my tomatoes having a big ol' drink.
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OMG gardening today!  Since we first saw the place before we moved in, and I found out that we'd be able to use the two already set-up wood raised beds, dreams of tomatoes have been dancing in my head -- I've been super excited about trying gardening for real.  So I had started a couple kinds of seeds last weekend, mostly for entertainment.  I'm still working on those. (:

Today, scorchus and J took me to Pemberton's, and we got a million plants, and things like gardening gloves, a watering can, and tomato cages.  We had a lot of fun wandering through all the flowers and veggies and herbs and things, and just appreciating the green things.  We came back to my house, and they gave me sound advice on planting and things, and lent me a big ol' shovel. 

And then, I worked my butt off!  Cleaned out the beds and the side of the house herb garden area, turned over all the soil, topped off the soil, and mixed it up again.  My arms are (heck, me in general is) seriously tuckered out. Planted my plants, watered everything.  Still need more soil and more containers for my berries, but the lion's share of the gardening work is done, and certainly the vast majority of the hard labor.  Looking at the backyard and seeing my pretty garden, and thinking about how it will look when it's all finished, makes my heart so happy.  I can't wait to watch everything grow, and finally live the dream of getting to pick food from my backyard!

So, here's what I planted today:
-6 kinds of tomato (two orange cherry tomatoes, a big plum, brandywine, regular reds, and an heirloom white)
-long sweet red peppers
-long small eggplants
-lemon cucumber
-pattypan squash, yellow
-gold and green long beans
-tons of basil

And here's what I still have to plant (need more containers, more soil)
-raspberry bush
-blackberry bush
-strawberry plants
-mini lemon tree
-green zebra tomatoes
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So today, with the help of scorchus and J, I put in my backyard garden!  More on this later. 

It ended up making sense to get a number of 6-pack veggies, of which I could only use 3 each.

So I have a few plants up for grabs!  Let me know if you're interested in any and we can make arrangements. A couple of bucks or cookies or something would be welcome, but mostly I just want them to be used and enjoyed:

3 small long eggplant
3 long sweet red/yellow peppers
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-Yucatan-Style Veggie Burgers (with black beans, lime, cilantro, oregano, and butternut squash), from Veggie Planet
-Lentils and Parsnips Braised in Red Wine, from Bittman
-Meyer Lemon Ricotta Muffins (with Meyer Lemons from B's parents' house in CA), from
-Snap Pea and Bok Choy Salad (with red onion, lime, garlic, and sumac powder), from Veggie Planet
-Senegalese Tomato Peanut Soup (with sweet potatoes and spices), blended from the fairly similar Bittman and VP recipes
-Chickpea, Red Pepper, and Almond Stew with Couscous, from Veggie Planet

Cooking makes me feel happy and home-y.  I *loved* making all these things, and having (finally) a big spurt of eating home cooking.  It felt like we'd been eating out almost exclusively for ages and ages, and it feels amazing to finally have a fridge stocked with lots of different things to eat, and plenty of things to take to work for lunch.  I've been surprised at how grateful I've felt each morning for the muffins, too, combined with the strawberries in the fridge, and a to-go-cup of tea -- the ability to grab a really quick, tasty, and homecooked breakfast on my hectic daily trip out the door has been comforting and convenient.  On these past couple rainy days, the hearty (and very tasty) peanut soup has totally hit the spot.  And tonight, pan-fried veggie burgers together with a bit of my home-quick-pickled red onion and apple mix that's been brewing in the fridge for a couple of weeks felt indulgent and hearty.  The only dish that came out a little wonky (to me -- B seems to like it fine) is the lentils.  Something about the wine, the celery, the parsnips, and the lentils felt jangly, and too sweet for the savory involved.  Everything else, I highly recommend!

So yeah, I suppose I'm just officially started spring training for farmshare season (:


Apr. 20th, 2012 08:10 pm
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So yesterday evening, after work, I took a long long stroll around the commons and public gardens, taking in the flowering trees, tulips, light breeze, and strains of guitar.  The grass was green, the sky was blue, and I started to breathe easier than I had in days.  I played Magic: The Gathering with B (I won with my amazing flying cards!) and we developed house rules about making sounds when you attack.  As I got up from the couch to go to bed, I noticed a pain in the top of my foot with each step.  It seemed very weird, but I went to bed, figuring it'd be fine in the morning.

This morning, I got up, and could. not. walk.  Every step I took on that foot that didn't purely involve the heel sent a sharp pain into the top of my foot, kinda feeling like something important was getting pinched between bones.  I actually ended up having to use B as a human crutch to even get to the bathroom to shower.  Got an emergency appointment at my doctor's office with a nurse practitioner.  NP scolded me for 1) not icing it or taking advil; 2) wearing flats a lot with no support; and 3) taking a walk that long without sneakers on.  I did not appreciate the scolding, and was surprised she didn't seem more troubled by the "I can't WALK" issue.  She poked my foot all over and determined that it was not a stress fracture, but rather some sort of ligament/tendon inflammation problem on account of all the walking without support.  She said apparently I have very high arches which when they collapse mess everything in my foot up, and will cause me more and more problems if I don't get new shoes and/or insoles.

So she told me to take a lot of advil and ice the foot, and that I'd be fine in pretty short order.  I was very grumpy and dubious, but after downing a bunch of advil and having crepes with B, I was feeling a lot better, and definitely good enough to walk on my own.  Now, at the end of the day, I feel about 95% back to normal. 

But the upshot of all of this is that I probably don't want to strand myself too far from home on my dubiously repaired foot, and I can't imagine it'd be a very good idea to take a very long walk for a couple of days, even if I do feel better. ):  Which means that my very very exciting and anticipated Saturday preraphaelite QT with myself ultimate excursion (TM)  will likely have to be punted to another day entirely.  ): ): ):
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Help me decide!

I'd like to take a day(ish) trip on Saturday by myself, and I just want to mostly relax, unwind, be outside, and look at things that are pretty.  Possibly take pictures.  Here are the options I've been mulling:

1) Day trip to Rockport on the commuter rail:  shop, look at art, climb around on seaside rocks, eat some fish.
2) Boston Harbor Islands:  Hike around, enjoy the quiet, be in nature.  (Not sure which islands. Suggestions welcome)
3) Arnold Arboretum: Stare at trees and flowers, wander down paths. Enjoy the springtime.
4) Mt. Auburn Cemetery: Wander down paths, enjoy springtime, look at old tombstones, feel peaceful, secretly giggle at funny names.

Which one should I do??????
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So B and I have been interested in trying more at-home game nights on quiet evenings.  We spend a lot of time on video games and TV, but were hoping to branch out into board/card games.  Most of my favorites don't work so well with less than three or four.

Could anyone offer good suggestions of awesome board/card games which play well with two people?  Preferably not too too fiddly.
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The rules: "Comment to this post and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself."

Upcoming topics to be discussed here, from contradictacat:

-Interplanetary Colonization
-"Alternative Medicine"
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To any abuse survivors out there who care to comment:  (anonymity enabled, IP tracking off)

Is there anything that people have said to you around or about your abuse that has been particularly useful, helpful, or comforting?

Is there anything people say that drives you crazy or makes you feel irritated or just bad?
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For many years, I have suffered intermittently (but pretty regularly) from "brain fog."  I usually find it afflicts me particularly in the afternoon, often when I'm at my desk at work for a long time, something like in the 2pm-6pm window.  If it goes too long or if I'm too stressed, it evolves into a migraine.  Mostly I've tried to ignore it, exert denial over it, or conquer it by force of will.  I often have sugar cravings in association with it, but sugar always makes it worse and more likely to migraineify.  Just today, I started thinking -- wait a minute, what if this brain fog is actually aura?

I've never had classic aura -- the shiny lights or prickles or other weird sensory stuff which often precede migraines for some people.    But when I think about it, I can always feel one coming before it actually hurts because of this foggy sensation in my head, and sometimes the feeling of dull pressure in my skull, like someone's trying to blow a balloon up inside it.  It feels... kind of like I'm thinking through pea soup.

So starting to google around about brain fog and migraine aura, I'm finding a surprising number of links to celiac and gluten free websites.  Apparently these things both tend to cluster up in celiacs.  I'm not ready to adopt a gluten free diet just yet, but I am ready to ask my doctor for a gluten sensitivity test at my next visit.

No conclusions here, but feels good to make a potential link or two.

Any other migraine sufferers have any similar experiences?
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Last night I finally had the chance to do some cooking in earnest in the big kitchen.  B and I have been getting super tired of eating out and takeout, and yearning for homey home cooking.  So we did some food shopping this weekend, and last night while B was at rehearsal, I cooked up a huge batch of vegetarian chili with tvp, and a somewhat smaller batch of roasted chana gobi masala.  Made both without recipes, and was pleased at how they turned out, especially next day!  I always forget how soul-satisfying it is to have homemade tasty lunch.

I think for me, a clean, minimally cluttered, well-stocked kitchen in good working order really makes it a home.

What makes a home a home for you?
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So, B and I are almost upacked! We have a lot of stuff! We want to have a garage sale!

A lot of y'all are moving in the near future! You may have a lot of stuff! You may want our stuff! You should come to our garage sale!

Here's the deal: our place has a big driveway and is right around the corner from Ball Square, where tons of people will be out for brunch on any given weekend. We also want to invite people who have stuff to join us and set up a table so we can all get together for a big community garage sale/swap meet. (BYOAT -- bring your own actual table, but we should have plenty of space).

5/20 is the next weekend day when we're both free(!), so it's on for then, probably starting at 10am, and going until...?

If you're interested in having a table, let me know!

If you're interested in STUFF, we anticipate having lots of clothes, books, games, old school consoles, and more!
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