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So! It came to my attention that at least one person thought I had blocked them on Facebook.  It's not true! I figured I might as well disabuse a few of you from potentially also having that same notion (and feel free to spread the word about this fact).

I actually disabled my Facebook account for a bit, because it was... not really helping out my mental health for a lot of reasons. I don't think my short-form social media interactions add nearly as much to my life as they take away, ultimately.  I can do without the performativity, the politics, and the conflict.  I disabled it around a week and a half ago and checked back in very briefly a couple of days ago, only to find I felt the same way.  I deactivated it again.

Though it is of course your prerogative how to conduct your affairs, I do hope that those of you who would normally invite me to events will consider sending an email (or using an alternate invitation platform than facebook).

I deactivated my Twitter profile as well at around the same time.  For a bit I thought I could move to G+ with the sorts of things I'd normally post on FB, but I decided to delete that too, late last night.

So now, it's just this LJ, which I don't anticipate going anywhere (I guess I've thought about making the move to dreamwidth.  I actually colonized this name just recently in case of such an eventuality). LJ feels and basically has always felt good to me -- like a place where I can be open and honest about important thoughts, feelings, and experiences, without feeling like I need to portray myself in any particular way.  I hope people continue to "live" here, and that friends and loved ones continue to read here.  Even when I don't comment, I'm reading yours too, usually with great interest.

I don't know how long this hiatus will last, but so far, it's meaning that I'm reading books more, and feeling incrementally better generally.
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I am overjoyed to signal-boost the return of The Confessional.  Over. Joyed.
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Anonymous asking and telling, at

Please do! <3
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Will you tell me something you like or enjoy or find delightful or appealing about me, friends? I'm leaving this post public/un-IP-tracked, so you can go anonymous if you like. Inappropriate is fine. Appropriate is fine. Small, big, anything.
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90% Friends-only entries!  Comment here (screened!) if you're not and would like to be.
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Anonymity enabled! Say something you wouldn't say nonymously. Tell me something about me! Tell me something about someone else! Offer some unasked-for advice! Celebrate something, or regret something! Write a terrible poem! Profess feels!

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I was going to post this in the relevant thread, but see that they are now locked.  So:

By the way, if anyone is curious or confused about the dynamics of how one violates a restraining order, and the impact of stuff like accident and reasonable beliefs and all, I will point out what I often like to remind people to try when they are confused about the elements of a crime:  try reading the publicly available jury instructions for that offense!  They aren't always a model of clarity, but they generally shed some light in a more layperson-friendly way than statutes or case law.

So, here's the model instruction on violation of a restraining order:
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Anonymity enabled.  Tell me something, tell me anything.  Ask me something, AMA.
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It's still not too late to sign up to audition for the PMRP Halloween show, half of which I am directing! The headliner of the night will be an adaptation of Night of the Living Dead, and I'll be directing Ghost Hunt, originally broadcast in 1949.  The show is about a radio DJ who heads into a haunted house for a stunt and finds... more than he bargained for.  There are some excellent parts with great dramatic challenges, and I can't wait to find actors to sink their teeth into it!

Auditions are Monday and Tuesday (with possible callbacks on Wednesday). All the details at
-- descriptions of the roles are at the link under "Characters and Roles", and sides -- sample scenes we'll be using for auditions --should all be up now.  In addition to voice actors, we need Foley (live sound effects) performers, administrative staff (doing things like selling program ads, putting up posters, and collecting sound-effects equipment) and crew.

Live radio drama is not memorized; we perform with scripts in hand, standing on stage with microphones. Beginners are entirely welcome, and we're a very friendly bunch.  If you're even considering it -- try it!  And feel free to call or email me to ask for any details or tips.

Performances are on several dates from October 24-November 2.
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(anonymity enabled)

Genuine question, for Reasons:  Do you think I'd make a good therapist?  Why, or why not?

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Okay, thanks to Lowellboyslash, this sounds totally hilarious and fun.

Fandom meme: domesticity version! Comment below with a 'ship (involving fandoms I'm remotely familiar with) and I will tell you for absolutely certain the following facts about them, according to me:

  • big spoon/little spoon:

  • favorite non-sexual activity:

  • who uses all the hot water:

  • most trivial thing they fight over:

  • who does most of the cleaning:

  • who controls the netflix queue / what they love to watch together

  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working:

  • who steals the blankets:

  • who leaves their stuff around:

  • who remembers to buy the milk:

  • who remembers anniversaries:


Feb. 18th, 2013 06:14 pm
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Wow, I finally bit the bullet tonight and decided to inventory, organize, and generally audit my spice collection.  I was floored at how many I have accumulated over time, and look forward to trying to use them in exciting recipes in the near future!

In case you are curious, and/or have any suggestions for vegetarian recipes using lots of spices, some mildly obscure... )
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So the past couple of weeks I have been making myself coffee every morning at home in my Chanukah drip coffeemaker, which is totally great!  Cheaper, and induces me to carve out time for at-home breakfast to go with it.  Special thanks to [ profile] scorchus, who taught me to use the darn thing remotely effectively.

I'm on my second-ever bag of coffee (Intelligensia, yum!), and trying to figure out the ins and outs of storing coffee most effectively for maximum flavor and minimum complicated. 

With my first bag, I had Diesel grind it all for me, and stored it in the freezer.  It was great for a while, but the last couple of days I could definitely tell the flavor was not as great.

This new bag, I have whole-bean, and this morning, I ground enough for two or three days.  I put the whole beans remainders in the freezer, and the ground coffee in an airtight tupperware in the fridge.  And then I started to wonder: "Am I ruining my coffee right now??"


1) Where should I store my unopened whole beans?
2) Where should I store my opened beans?
3) Where should I store a couple/few days of ground coffee?
4) Any other exciting coffee storage advice?

Thanks, Dr. LJ!
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I am exceedingly pleased with this month's Eco Emi box (which has generally been pretty much a joy to receive over the few months I've had it).  I recommend the service to anyone looking for foofy indulgent all-natural makeup and bath products and snacks to try out.  This month's box included samples of mandarin orange whipped shea butter, citrus pink peppercorn chocolate, volcanic mud mask, pink gold mineral eyeshadow, citrus vanilla shampoo, flaxseed berry cocoa powder, gardenia soap, pinot wine inspired lip tint, and probably one or two other things I forgot.  Everything is lovingly and adorably wrapped. 

It cheers me up every month (:
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An anonymity-enabled post, 'cause I'm having a hardish day and need some distraction.

Say anything at all, and/or answer a question from the list...

1) What would make my life better?  What would make your life better?
2) How could I be a better friend? How could you be a better friend?
3) What's a secret you are afraid to tell nonymously?
4) What's something I don't know?
5) What should I be reading now?
6) What's something you wish quietly?
7) What do you regret?
8) How have you been able to be present and stop chasing after or worrying after or avoiding the Next Big Thing?
9) What's likely to make me laugh out loud? (I promise feedback on whether you're right)
10) What do you want to ask?
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Anyone know any local 5K's that have walkers as well as runners?  My feet have been (KNOCKWOOD) pretty okay lately, and I've been doing a little more walking than I used to.  I was contemplating trying to do a couch-to-5k with just walking quickly instead of running, and thought it would be nice to try to do a fast-walk 5k as a goal in the spring.

Anyone ever do this or have any ideas?
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Anonymous comments enabled -- tell me anything, ask me anything (though I can't promise I'll answer anything, I can probably say why not).  Good, bad, indifferent. 

And specific to the holiday -- anything you wish I'd apologize for, or that you'd like to apologize to me for. 

Also specific to this moment --  I had the best weekend in a long time this past weekend, because much more than I had in a long time, I spent a lot of time feeling connected to friends and community, and just got in some particularly good QT with my peeps.  I'm feeling in a better place this week than I have been in a while (despite all the foot stuff), and I want to be more sociable.  There's definitely a long list of overdue hangouts and email responses I have to get to... but feel free to add to my queue by telling me you'd like to hang out or do [fun thing X] with me! (:
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Okay, I know some of y'all would die for this job.

The Mary Sue, one of my daily-hit blogs for geeky fun things, is hiring a full time editor!
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Prosecco means everything is fun!!!!!! I painted a picture and sang along to whitney houston and I want to have a karaoke birthday
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